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Tweetest Backgrounds
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Excuse my Dust!

If you have gone to the site, I opologize, some things have gone out of whack. Some link buttons have been changed so that when you click on them they direct you to the wrong pages. I am in the process of trying to fix this. Please excuse my dust. Thanks.

It should be fixed shortly!

Monday, June 29, 2009

More new backgrounds going up Tonight!

10 more scrapbook ones come this week!
Don't forget, all my backgrounds will fit all screen sized resolutions, and in return your page will look more professional! Better yet, order yourself a Custom Background they start at only 25.00. Your page will be one of a kind, get one to match your business, or just get one saying "you"!

Grand Opening Week 2 Giveaway!

1st place receives this....

Nintendo Wii

2nd place will receive this...

A Custom Background from


I need some ideas for my website.. If you have an idea for a background. state it now, or forever hold your peace! jk

1 entry= comment here

2 entries= Shout me out! (blog, face book, twitter) just let me know that you did!

15 entries= Order a Custom Background from

Let the games begin.. Contest ends July 10th.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Winner for the Apple IPOD Touch.........

Drum roll..............................................................................
Sarah Morgan... Saramorgansjourney is a private blog, but I would like to share her story....

Sarah has 2 kids, one who is 7, and a babe who is almost 2.

Sarah and her family has gone through the dirt, dragged through the roughest water, and guess what she is still standing, not only is she standing, but she is a fighter!

You see, her husband has been fighting cancer for about 1 year now. Last month the fight was over, he was called to serve up above.

So you see when her name popped up, I couldn't be more happy. She deserves it, congratulate her, and since you cannot click on her blog, please leave her a message and show you care for her and her little ones...

But don't you fret your little toes off!

Another giveaway starts Monday... Maybe a custom background, and ummm lets see- a very nice surprise is in the works.... So stay tuned!!!!

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feeling Patriotic?

Here are a few backgrounds I threw together last night, they will go up tonight, so if you are feeling a bit like celebrating the 4Th with me, grab one, that fits your personality.
I will do a couple of more tonight as well. Don't forget if you don't see anything you like, let me know what you want to see! It won't be custom, but I will be to your likings ;)

Once in awhile I will use some other designers for the FREE BACKGROUNDS section. I found this awesome scrapbook paper over at Memory's Made Easy Designer Lady Shannon go check out her work... great stuff over their!

A couple of more that I did awhile back ago, but forgot to through on the site, they will get put in
tonight as well.

So I have done a bunch of custom backgrounds in the past couple of days, and I thank you tons!One of my favorite so far is this one. don't you just lub it! PS. I do all my own custom backgrounds designed by ME!!
this was done for she wanted it to match her website.
Go over and follow her!

I will do a couple of more tonight as well. Don't forget if you don't see anything you like, let me know what you want to see! It won't be custom, but I will be to your likings ;)

Unless you want to stand out and be the only one on Twitter with your own Custom Design. Now that is worth 25.00 bucks isn't it!

Now get off your computer and take a dive in a pool!

That is what I am going to do!

asta la vista!

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Backgrounds will go up Tonight.

Here is a few I did yesterday.

Have any ideas for a background. I would love to hear it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

GRAND OPENING!!!! Apple IPOD Touch Giveaway!


Browse around here, and excuse the dust.. I am so excited that this is up and running.. Although their are things to fix on the website like...

Where in the Bleep is my background color? fixing it I promise...

For the grand opening I wanted to do a gift to a lucky person. Is a Apple IPOD Touch OK?

For one lucky person, they will be receiving a brand new IPOD Touch, still in the box, unopened, although I think I have kissed it a couple of times. (TMI)

Here are the rules.....

1. 1 entry- Go to the website and tell me what you like about it, if anything. (remember the dust over their).

1 entry- For shouting me out on your blog, Facebook, or you can Tweet it on Twitter!

15 entries if you make a custom order! ;0)

Easy Peasy right!

Contest ends June 26Th. So what you waiting for?!

(PS- thanks Leilani for sponsoring this giveaway!)

If you would like to sponsor future giveaways, email me!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome to the Tweetest Backgrounds

Although the Tweetest Backgrounds website will be where you will be able to grab the FREE BACKGROUNDS and CUSTOM BACKGROUNDS, I will spend a lot of time here at this blog and on Twitter.

My goal here at the blog will be to let everyone know of new things, new designs, and to get some ideas from you all. because with out you, there would be no business... That said....

Their will be giveaways going on at this blog, so don't forget us, follow it, and on Twitter so you won't miss out on the goods, including a Apple ITouch and Apple IPhone!

So letting you know that I am up for your ideas for backgrounds. just tell me, and I will try to make it!

Custom Backgrounds for Twitter-

I am so excited for this, you do not know how many times I get on twitter and see the same backgrounds.. Now you have a chance to make one that is completely YOU and look professional at the same time, for a fraction of the competitors prices that can run anywhere from 40.00 for one and up.

My Custom backgrounds start at 25.00 for one! So what are you waiting for, go to the website and order right away!

Am I done once I uploaded my New T'weetest Backgrounds?

Oh my goodness


After uploading click on the change colors tab, and things like "sidebar", "background" will appear.

The background isn't that important, now that you have a Tweetest Background image. If you have uploaded from a different company or your own, and it doesn't fit, you will want your "background color to match your image...

But you won't have that problem, since you rock and are going to use one of my

Free backgrounds, or better yet, grab a custom one! wink, wink!

I uploaded a new background, so why did it revert back to the old one?

Twitter is having some known image issues right now, just be patient. You can go to the help tab in your Twitter account and let them know again, but they know, and are currently trying to fix the problem.. (I hope anyways) '0)

Background image too big?

Sometimes Twitter image uploader is not working the way it should be.. Don't hate them, I love Twitter! There are so many users on it, that I am sure it is hard to keep up...


Every Background that has my name on it, will work, so just wait awhile and try it again.


Why does my Background look different once I uploaded it?

Not everyones screen is the same size, nor resolutions, higher resolutions will see Twitter a different way smaller screen size resolutions will see it. It really is the same way for most websites.. All though their is such thing as called Fluid Templates, unfortunally Twitter did not use that option. (my favorite by the way).

Here is a couple of examples that will show you why when you see a background, and it will show differntly on your screen.

This is a high resolution screen off my dear web friend Shelle's twitter page. (and yup, I designed it for her, she wanted it to match her blog..

And this is a low resolution screen from my Twitter account

You see lower resolutions will see it about half and over to the left about 3 inches....

With my backgrounds, custom or free I go out of my way to make them fit all screen sizes and resolutions, I try to make it so that all my backgrounds will look good at all screen resolutions.

Your Welcome. ;0)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to upload my photo now that I have saved it?

How to upload your Tweetest Background...

Q- Now that I have saved my background to my computer what do I do now?

A- Go into your Twitter account, click on Settings. You will see the word Design, click on it.

It will have a place where you can upload your own photo. Click Browse. Find your Background in which you should have already saved it.

click open.

Click save.

Enjoy your Tweetest Background... Better yet, go order a custom one!