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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why does my Background look different once I uploaded it?

Not everyones screen is the same size, nor resolutions, higher resolutions will see Twitter a different way smaller screen size resolutions will see it. It really is the same way for most websites.. All though their is such thing as called Fluid Templates, unfortunally Twitter did not use that option. (my favorite by the way).

Here is a couple of examples that will show you why when you see a background, and it will show differntly on your screen.

This is a high resolution screen off my dear web friend Shelle's twitter page. (and yup, I designed it for her, she wanted it to match her blog..

And this is a low resolution screen from my Twitter account

You see lower resolutions will see it about half and over to the left about 3 inches....

With my backgrounds, custom or free I go out of my way to make them fit all screen sizes and resolutions, I try to make it so that all my backgrounds will look good at all screen resolutions.

Your Welcome. ;0)

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